Our Care Staff, the Heart of Assisted Living!

When it is time to consider a move from a 55 plus retirement community, into assisted living, it is not always easy to know what sets one community apart from others.  People often search for things like, “retirement communities near,” me, or “affordable assisted living.”  But at the heart of assisted living, are the ones who provide support and care.

When you move from a 55+ community, to Assisted Living, what does an Aide do?

These selfless people provide the wonderful care for our residents. Whether assisting with a shower or dressing or doing the laundry, our aides do it with a smile. Our aides help residents get to the dining room, remind them of an activity of just offer a special moment of attention when a resident needs it. They do it all with joy and commitment. While helping someone get to the dining room, reminding a resident about an activity, or giving a special moment to someone who needs some encouragement, they share their support. CNAs are often the unsung heroes of an assisted living community. On the busiest days, they are seen walking briskly to the next place where they are needed, answering a call for assistance and offering a comforting sense of security for our folks who call Vintage Care of Palatka home. Aching backs and hurting feet are part of the job, and yet they come back day after day, year after year to provide care.

Becoming a CNA

Becoming a CNA takes work and planning the finances to make it happen. A Certified Nursing Assistant is a healthcare professional, and licensure requires the right preparation, along with a desire to help people. Approved schools meet state and federal mandates to offer specific areas of study to provide the knowledge needed to pass the CNA licensing exam. The student must understand a resident’s rights to choice and independence, ethical and legal issues, meeting spiritual needs, as well as gaining understanding and skills to offer support for some nursing services, such as monitoring vitals and using proper body mechanics to assist a person to stand, or transfer from a wheelchair to bed. The state of Florida requires 120 training hours before a CNA student can test for their license, and there are numerous schools and online courses that prepare them. You can see that we are fortunate to have such well-trained aides at Vintage Care of Palatka.

How do we retain our aides, at Vintage Care of Palatka Assisted Living and Memory Care?

Retaining our best aides is an important role for the Executive Director and Resident Care Director. At Vintage Care of Palatka, we make a calculated effort to be a truly great place to work. We offer a great benefits package, but also, we strive to connect with our aides and support and encourage them on a daily basis.  One of our core values is to treat our staff with respect, and we require that they do the same with each other. Creating that environment is critical to the longevity of a team. Scheduling is done with a view to creating a work pattern that allows time to rest and refresh.

How do we show our appreciation?

Our employee of the month program offers opportunities to earn a special shirt, that only those who earn that honor get to wear. Many CNAs work two jobs, and they are some of the hardest working people that I know. We offer a meal, as a benefit, while they are on their lunch break, in the hope that they will at least have time for one good meal that day.

Why the focus on our aides?

Because our residents are important to us, and great staff provides great care. They also make us one of the best affordable assisted living communities in the Interlachen, San Mateo, Palatka FL. area! Providing exemplary care is the ultimate goal at Vintage Care of Palatka Assisted Living and Memory Care.

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