Memory impairment is something that has affected 1 out of every 10 adults. Alzheimer’s and dementia disease, the most notable circumstance in the family of mental illnesses, is also the leading cause of death. Anyhow, cognitive issues are always the most widespread reason we miss independence as we grow older.  These illnesses profoundly influence not only the individuals living with memory impairment but their family members are also affected. Understanding this, Vintage Care of Palatka Memory Care established an imaginative, community-based criterion of care. We inform, prepare, comfort and guide families and their loved ones.

Memory care Florida

We are one of the specially recognized memory care Florida residences that can care for your loved one. Our unique and effective residence service is tailored for people encountering the challenges of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and different types of memory impairment. We become their life guide and caretaker.

Residents receive assistance with proper medication management and every day activities. including grooming and bathing, all in a safe environment with 24-hour surveillance from our highly specialized trained caregivers.

Senior memory care communities

Vintage Care of Palatka Memory care is an assisted living community facility that is a home option for those who need the additional assistance as they struggle with dementia and memory issues.  Vintage Care of Palatka is an option when you are considering senior memory care communities for your loved one.

Memory Care communities concentrate on making every day more vibrant for the residents, respective of their existing proficiency and cognition. Our Memory Care communities are operated with a sense of comfort in mind, and we aspire to assure that our residents feel happy, comfortable and motivated. We maintain security protocols to keep them safe, and our professional and knowledgeable staff make sure they are well cared for and attended to.

Interlachen memory care communities

There are various care communities in Interlachen but we promise to treat our residents as family. We strive hard to earn your trust and retain the position as one of the best Interlachen memory care communities. Our memory care and dementia care is not only limited to Palatka but spread across to various other Florida cities like Palatka, Ruskin, and San Mateo. Our care community delivers strength and security to the residents and their family members.

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