A Day in the Life of an Assisted Living Resident

Assisted Living is a great choice for seniors who are looking for a lifestyle free from worry. Residents can receive personalized assistance with daily tasks and chores, yet still enjoy their independence. In fact, the average day might look much different than you imagine. Providing extra help allows residents to wake up and look forward to a day filled with possibilities.

At Vintage Care of Palatka, mornings will start off with a bang, or more aptly, a sizzle, as residents enjoy a chef-prepared breakfast in our beautiful new dining area. Residents are served three meals a day in restaurant-style dining where they can sit among friends. Our staff makes sure to take note of any dietary restrictions or other needs.

There are always classes going on in the arts and crafts room, or maybe a round of chess in the game room. Additionally, our activities coordinator will schedule fun-filled events and outings each day. If your loved ones need a little extra help when they leave the house, Assisted Living is a great option, as our staff can help with any transportation and mobility needs.

It is impossible to say exactly what each day looks like for an Assisted Living resident, because everyone is different. Our Resident Life Coordinator interviews each resident to understand their future needs by learning about their history. Maybe your loved ones simply need assistance with taking their medicine each day, and receiving transportation to and from doctor’s appointments.

Talk to your loved ones about what they are looking for in a senior living community. Assisted Living might be a better fit than they realize. Vintage Care of Palatka is an Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Palatka. Learn more about our new community on this website or call us at (386) 329-9905 to see if Vintage Care of Palatka is the right fit for your loved one.

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