Spending time with aging loved ones this holiday season?

Take the opportunity to make sure they are truly still doing okay at home.

You are Invited to join us:

Truly Safe at Home? The CRITICAL Things to Look For During your Holiday Visits

Date: December 18th
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Vintage Care of Palatka
Details: Educational Presentation, Q&A, Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
Expert Presenters:
  Susan Hovorka, RN & Wellness Director
  Amy VanKleek, Executive Director

Join Vintage Care of Palatka, our area’s expert on aging and senior safety, for an important and engaging event! If you’re spending time with aging loved ones, this event is not to be missed. We’ll give you a little teaser- and plan to join us on Dec. 18th for the rest of our CRITICAL list!

Are medications being taken correctly?

On a medicine regimen? Watch to see when and what is being taken. Do they seem to manage their meds well? Take a look at their daily pill-keepers to make sure medicine is being taken. Managing medications can be confusing- and when not managed well, very dangerous.

Is the mail being opened and managed, and are bills being paid?

If unopened mail and past-due bills are sitting out in plain sight, make a mental note. While this isn’t an issue of safety, these things may be indicators that primary household responsibilities aren’t being taken care of.