A community with lovely common areas. A full activity program tailored to our seniors’ interests. Delicious meals served by an attentive staff. Professional assistance. There’s no reason to consider living

Why Choose an Assisted Living Comunity

While numerous seniors and their family embrace “living on their own as they get older” Assisted Living services San Mateo, Florida at Vintage Care of Palatka, offer various advantages that aren’t generally available to those seniors who need a little assistance to stay in their homes.

Contemplating whether assisted living may be an ideal choice for your aging parents or loved one? While there are many motivations to pick senior living, we have gotten together a couple of our top choices…

Here are three straightforward reasons that give relatives and their friends and family the chance to appreciate their reasons for considering assisted living options.

1. A Home That Makes You Feel Safe & Secure

Quite possibly the main issue with staying alone at home is well being. As we age, we all begin to have issues with mobility and other issues.  The commercial with the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” scenario is a very real concern.  For those seniors who are now single after the loss of their partner, nutrition is also a major concern.

Assisted living facilities are here to give secure and safe homes to seniors when living alone becomes too much.  Rooms and bathrooms have call buttons conveniently located so that your loved one can summon help by trained staff should they ever need help.   We have secure doors and camera systems to ensure the building is secure.

The team at Vintage Care of Palatka is available throughout the day and night to offer help with the daily needs of your loved one.   We can aid with everyday bathing or dressing needs up to medication dispensing to make sure medicine is taken in the correct dosage and time. Vintage Care of Palatka can provide help with all the day to day tasks with Safe & Secure assisted living services San Mateo, Florida.

2. Specialized Memory Care To Assist You

While most seniors want to stay in their home and keep their independence, and this creates fear as they do not want to move or leave their familiar surroundings.  However, once they make the transition to an assisted living facility they are often quite happy having others to socialize with.

Vintage Care of Palatka assisted living offers the opportunity for building new connections easily – with staff, other residents, and even volunteers! Making new friends is convenient with group activities, fellowship, exercises, and special events.

Activities and socializing provide an opportunity to remain dynamic and exercise the brain, body, and soul. The environment at Vintage Care of Palatka is perfect for connecting one-on-one with others while living in Specialized Memory Care Services San Mateo, Florida.

Statistics show a more rapid decline in most seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer’s where they are living alone with little social interaction.  The environment at a memory care facility is tailored to provide a nurturing place for your loved ones.

3. Eating Together & Socialize  

Discussing socialization, even if your loved one is not into other activities, mealtime is a great way to meet new friends during the transition.  Our group dining room is set up for people to enjoy their time together while getting good nutrition.

Since cravings regularly decline with age, many seniors will eat less or begin to select poor choices to avoid taking the extra time to prepare a proper meal.

Group dining options in senior living are intended to provide proper nutrition and yet welcome residents to interact with new friends, neighbors, and relatives. Vintage Care of Palatka also has a cooking area for those residents who enjoy baking and cooking.

Vintage Care of Palatka  provide Assisted Living and Memory Care services in Palatka, San Mateo, Fishhwak, Lithia and Interlachen Bay Florida

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